This Must-See Footage Of Racist Cops Is A Terrifying Reminder That We Aren’t “Post-Racial”

Dear World,

This is what life is like for young Black men in America. When you’re a young Black male, you’re considered suspicious, even with something as simple as politely greeting someone on the street. You can’t be kind or courteous to your neighbor without being seen as a criminal or bad influence or a ‘thug’. You don’t deserve the ability to walk down the street in peace because you’re not seen as a human.

The sad part about this is that, although I myself am Black, I am a woman, and have hit the lottery of sorts. Because I have yet to endure what these young men did (and probably still do) on a daily basis.

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In Philadelphia, two men were stopped and frisked by police officers. What was their crime? Saying hello while black. After greeting a couple police officers who were patrolling the neighborhood, these men were asked to show their IDs and interrogated. When they asked why, the police officer on duty, later identified as Philip Nace, responded: “You don’t say ‘hi’ to stangers, at least not in this neighborhood.”

The men were on their way to work, with one of the gentlemen insisting that they were just walking. Nace corrects him. “You can tell me whatever you want,” the office responds. He then turns to his partner and says, “He’s a fucking dirty ass…He’s fucking crooked.”

During this exchange, one of the men records the incident on his phone, dropping it on the ground. For most of the video, all we get is the audio as the event descends further into harassment…

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