Revelations: Talent

I had one of my usual philosophical moments earlier today, thinking about the talents of others. There are those who have talent in something, realize it, and turn it into a career or hobby.

Then there are people with talents who realize it but choose to put it on the backburner because it just isn’t what they want to do.

Like most people, I thought of the potential opportunities wasted along with the talent, but then I realized myself that although a person has a talent, they’re not obligated to fulfill it.

For example: there are souls who are amazing wordsmiths and capable of creating poetry, novels and memoirs of tomorrow, but feel it to be tedious work and choose not to do it. I know someone back in New York who would make a successful artist, but made the decision long ago to not pursue art as a career because she felt it wasn’t what she wanted to do.

Not that I blame her. I’m a writer, and I find it tedious at times, because there’s a lot that goes into writing once you’ve vomited the words onto paper or screen: editing, proofreading, research, etc. Writing is a hobby I hope to turn into a career, though I’m not obligated to do so.

As a result, I realized I may have been guilty, on more than one occasion, of telling someone they should “stick with it” and “follow their dreams” when I should have stopped once they mentioned not seeing themselves fulfilling their natural talents.

The last thing one needs is someone dictating their life’s journey, specifically where they’re the only one steering the wheel of their vehicle. No one can or should be telling you how to live your life, and if you don’t want to be a writer or artist or lawyer or businessperson, regardless of how good you may be at it, you absolutely do not have to.

And if I was that person at one point, I apologize. Do what your heart desires, and not what others think is best for you.

Okay, I’ll stop now.


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