Spend Is The New Chase | Daily Prompt: _______ Is The New ________

Click over to your favorite blog, and pick out the 4th and 14th words (that aren’t “the” or “an”). Drop them into this phrase:

“_______ is the new _______”.

There’s your post title. Now write!

The title above may be of dated relevance, but it’s still important. Many of us tend to spend more than what we have, leading us to long-time debt and regret.

It doesn’t end with finance: the phrase applies to love and kindness. We give more than we receive, opening the door for abuse and advantage. My kindness has been taken advantage of on many an occasion, and I’ve done the same with others. Although I still slip from time to time, I can catch it like a frog’s tongue catches flies.

We also spend time chasing dreams that may or may not be attainable. I’ve dreamt of becoming a famous, successful actress since childhood. Writing crept into my life during middle school, and I’ve since dreamt of becoming a successful writer as well. I’ve managed to do a bit of acting — mostly background roles, but had one line in an small, independent film and was part of an off-Broadway play in a black-box theater — but haven’t done any acting in nearly a year.

The writing, however, has stuck with me, and is a constant. Every year, during the month of November, I take advantage of National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. I write fan fiction, original fiction, and fulfill writing prompts to exercise the muscle.

Like many of you (I assume), I too feel I spend too much time chasing the dream, when I could have utilized that “wasted time” into finishing college. As much as I’d love to finish and get a degree, I don’t want to waste money that could go towards someone else’s education, someone who would truly take advantage. I fear I’ll get bored of the routine, fall back into my old routine of being desperate for friends and become afraid of missing out on things, like I did during my community college years fresh out of high school. I’d like to say I’m a better person, but I don’t know that for sure…

Before and shortly after moving down to NC, I made the decision to chase the dream of making my way back to NY, where there was more opportunity. After having spent five days in NYC during NY Comic Con, I realized NY may not be the place for me after all. Maybe I needed a change of scenery, to breathe new air. I realized I wrote more down here than in NY, and there’s a lot more inspiration here than NY has ever given me. My time is better spent doing something I love and enjoy, and I’ll be doing plenty of it over the next month and beyond.

Make sure you spend time chasing your life’s work and purpose, specifically something that brings you joy. Enjoying the work and journey is important; if you don’t enjoy it, don’t waste any more time on it.¬†Remember there’s nothing wasteful about living the live you want to live.


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