Daily Prompt: Release Me

Tell us about the blog post you were most nervous to publish — and what it was like to set it free.

There’s actually a post I published, or “set free”, a couple months back, and the experience was quite cathartic.

There was another post I made a long while back, here and on Tumblr, resulting in a hasty response from the subject. No, I didn’t mention them outright, and I didn’t talk to them about it beforehand, but they contacted me about it, saying I should have come to them first. Thinking back, it feels like a thirst for control, to make sure I didn’t post anything that’d make them look bad, or their ego was injured as a result of the post.

Which is why many of my heavy rants have migrated to this blog from my Tumblr. Many people I know read that blog over this one, so I feel safer, freer here.

I shouldn’t be nervous about what I post. No one should; we have voices and things we want to talk about. Why not be able to talk about or say things without others getting butt-hurt over what’s being said. Why can’t we just listen to each other, agree to disagree, and spark healthy discussion instead? I don’t have the best opinions, nor do I think I’m right all the time. No one is perfect or has all of the answers.

I was a bit nervous about writing this post in the beginning. These are honest feelings I have when it comes to baring my bones in any blog post, and the anxiety goes through the roof once they’re published.

I’m glad I’m talking about this, because it goes back to the argument of political correctness and whether or not it’s useful: If we focused on being P.C. all the time, dialogue wouldn’t be available for respectful comprehension, important issues wouldn’t get the discussions they greatly deserve, and we wouldn’t come up with solutions to the problems we continue to face today.


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