The outlines of our lives

Found this in Freshly Pressed and glad I took a chance to read it. Beautiful post, and I hope to see/read more!

Lisa H Golden

Life and its shifting dynamics are at work here. The writer in me went quiet and the navel-gazer in me let her because sometimes a good hushing up is just what I need to get straight. The inner turmoil that once fueled rapid keystrokes and even more rapid backspacing medicated into a sort of calm, I had an excuse for not looking too closely. At anything.

And then something stirred. Was it because I went down a dosage in my anti-depressants? Was it the reintroduction of Phentermine into the soup of my brain chemistry? Was it that suggestion of something new? How could it carry the mark of familiarity like a threadbare-at-the-elbows sweater, favorite pair of jeans, the worry stone in my pocket? It did. I’d heard that one before.

But that suggestion made something come loose, peeled back a layer. A corner of a layer. Just enough for a…

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