We are writers.

After The Ellipsis

Writing does not come easily to writers. Words rarely flow smoothly from our minds and onto paper. We hesitate, self-doubt, criticize, and struggle through each and every word. After all, writing is a labor of love. Sometimes the words trickle through our fingertips so slowly that we anxiously anticipate the moment when we run out of steam, as if we were stranded alone in the desert and with only droplets left in our water bottle. Other times the words gush out of our system like a flood from a bursting dam, and our hands fly in a flurry in a desperate effort to capture all the ideas before we drown.

We writers wake up in the morning before even the early bird can catch the worm, stumbling bleary-eyed to our desks and beginning the day with a piping hot cup of letters. Or there are those of us who prefer…

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