Daily Prompt: Pep Rally

We all know someone who could use a pep talk — so write them one!

I understand why people take selfies.

Because they’re either eager to be noticed by others…

or they want to show a side of themselves off,

which is never a bad thing.

We all have  our own “some kind of wonderful” we want to share with the world.

Many feel selfies are too… “self important”, “arrogant”, even.

But they don’t understand the significance of the selfie, the fun one has as a result of it, quite like you or I do.

And if anyone tells you to stop taking selfies, ignore them.

And don’t be afraid to have fun with those selfies.

Take selfies with new posters you’ve put on your wall. Take selfies with stuffed animals and books and food, if you must.

Take group selfies with friends and family. Take them with other people taking selfies of themselves. Selfies with everyone involved flipping the bird never hurt anyone.

Feel free to make selfies through your own unique artistic expression, like the likes of Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Botticelli, etc. Paint, pencil, markers, crayons, moulding clay, digital illustration, and words shouldn’t stop you.

Selfies while wearing costumes, with pets wearing costumes, or simply wearing a mask sound fun.

And the duck face. Never underestimate the duck face, or the awesomeness that can come out of the duck face.

Selfies are a means of self expression, just as art, music, and fashion are.

Have fun with your selfies, and don’t let the bastards get you down!

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