A Peppered BBQ



Yesterday, I told Dave to be excited for tomorrow because 11/12/13 would never happen again.  He pointed out that it would, in 100 years.

I was disappointed, so he reminded me that — in fact– every day is a day that will never happen again. Thus, every day is unique, and fleeting, and worthy of celebration.


It’s a blustery, foggy day here in Southern California– but our virtual world still shines bright, so I’m thinking today would be the perfect day to celebrate with a BBQ!

bbqluv, beautiful blog quotation #BBQLUV – Kozo’s brilliant idea

I am thankful for the wonderful bloggers who took this blog-everyday-journey with me and badged up as Poblanos.  They are fierce, and fabulous, and basically rock stars. We’re only 12 days in, but we’ve had successes as a team– features on BlogHer, three Poblanos Freshly Pressed, successful guest posts, and blogging through illness. I’ve assembled some things they’ve said…

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