Daily Prompt: Food For the Soul (and the Stomach)

Tell us about your favorite meal, either to eat or to prepare. Does it just taste great, or does it have other associations?

There are many things I love to eat. I can’t list all these things, nor the things I have yet to try.

I do appreciate food that’s been prepared with heart and special care, which makes it taste delicious when one has the honor of eating such food.

My sister-in-law, Kay, is the chef of the house, making delicious meals. It’s all because she loves to cook, and has hopes of starting her own restaurant sometime in the future. She’s made meals like stuffed shells, appetizers like spinach dip, candied yams for sides, and my mother, older brother, and I have been her lab rats, test tasting the yumminess.

Many of her recipes come from packaging of store-bought side dishes and cookbooks she borrows from the library from time to time (the spinach dip, with garlic bagel chips, is TO DIE FOR!). What makes it tastes so great is she’s patient with each recipe, following each instruction carefully while putting heart into the cooking.

Yes, there’s comfort food like Chinese take away/buffet and drive-thru burgers & fries, but there’s nothing better than home cooking from the soul!


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