Why Film Fans Should Worry About the Awards-Industrial Complex


Look, The Wolf of Wall Street is probably great. It’s Scorsese in rapid-fire GoodFellas mode, after all, with Leo DiCaprio sleeze-charming it up, Matthew McConaughey, Jonah Hill, and Kyle Chandler in support and a screenplay by Sopranos scribe and Boardwalk Empire mastermind Terence Winter, working from a true story of financial corruption. Sounds amazing! It’ll probably get nominated for and/or win a bunch of awards! At least, that’s what the third-tier International Press Academy seems to have decided when they nominated it for five of their Satellite Awards, in spite of the fact that they appear to have not actually screened the movie. It’s an embarrassing moment for the organization, and their attempts to explain away the nomination aren’t going that well either. But the little kerfuffle speaks to a bigger problem within what shall be heretofore referred to as the Awards-Industrial Complex.

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