Daily Prompt: The New School

You get to redesign school as we know it from the ground up. Will you do away with reading, writing, and arithmetic? What skills and knowledge will your school focus on imparting to young minds?

In today’s education system, it’d be essential to keep reading, writing, and arithmetic around, for that’s important. What would be great is if there was more emphasis on the Arts and Sciences.

So many school districts are slowly doing away with arts programs when those are the programs that help students flourish. If it wasn’t for creativity, there are a lot of things we currently rely on that wouldn’t exist. More importantly, the fusion of the Arts and Science has produced surprising and earth-shattering results.

Another thing that’d be wonderful is if there were a more thorough process for hiring teachers. I’ve had the experience of taking classes with teachers who are mainly there for a paycheck. While I understand that, for them, it’s a job, I also feel they need to take it as seriously and with more care as they would the job they strive for and probably couldn’t obtain from the start. They don’t understand the impact they have on students: yes, the responsibility of getting schoolwork done falls of the pupils, but if it seems the teacher doesn’t give a damn, why should the students? Unruly students see how their elders react to their behaviour, so they push buttons. But they tend to reel it in and become more productive and participate when the teacher has some belief in them and their abilities. Same goes for guidance counselors, who should be more supportive when it come to career choices their assigned students have. Let’s not try to steer them into doing something that has nothing to do with their talents or diminishes them.

Plus, there are so many teachers who give a damn about their students, yet they aren’t being recognized or given the credit they deserve.

To sum it up into something comprehensible: Every student has their own needs, and it would be wonderful if each individual had a curriculum to fit their need to flourish, a set of subjects to improve their talents, encourage them to branch out into other things. There are also the basics, such as learning to write checks and balance a checkbook, file taxes, handle their finances, close on mortgages, etc., things I haven’t learned until after school was over. There are articles threatening the near end of handwriting in the age of technology, which is hogwash, because we’ve still gotta write thing down. No matter the convenience, computers and tablets aren’t always reliable.

I’ve written too much, and I don’t know where I’m going with this, but I’ll leave these jumbled thoughts here.


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