Daily Prompt: Progress

When you look back at your blog on January 2, 2015, what would you like to see?

I hope to have a novel completed. May not be published, exactly, but one finished. Would like to have a couple of snippets up.

I also hope there’s some good news to report in terms of government, or any new laws that would actually benefit the people of this country.

It would be funny if another series of Sherlock aired on this day, because I’d be talking about it nonstop on my blog after hitting post limit on Tumblr. There’s already so much talk about it now, and photosets and GIFsets take over my dashboard, which I’m NOT complaining about. I’m not worried about spoilers, because I was able to watch it yesterday twice, the second time to make up for the technical mishaps during the live stream.

Things will have progressed on January 2, 2015. None of which I can actually predict; I’m no psychic, nor do I plan on convincing you I am one. I can only hope they are, of majority, good things. Positive things. There may be negative things, but that’s life.

Here’s to 2014, and to hopefully making it safely through the next year!

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