Beyond The Pale | Daily Prompt

When was the last time you did something completely new and out of your element? How was it? Will you do it again?

Writing without thinking too hard about it is something I’m learning to do. It’s a rather thrilling experience, and it helps in breaking the nasty habit of holding myself back.

Doodling and learning to draw is something I’ve taken on recently. I have a long way to go before I get to the point of getting comfortable with what I create, and much practice will get me there.

While that’s all in the element of creativity, I can’t really remember the last time I did something outside of it. I we’re talking generally, there was a time I tried sushi for the first time. Although I don’t eat it often, I do savor it when the opportunity presents itself.

With acting, it’d probably be two events: an inprov workshop I took part in during college, and a one-line part as an extra.

The improvisation workshop was something I thought I’d jump into, considering I majored in Performing Arts. I learned 3 valuable things during the performance at the end of the workshop and semester: I don’t have stage fright, being on stage is exhilarating, and I could have taken more chances while on stage.

A couple of years ago, I was an extra for a small film called Jesus H. Heist. The film is improvisation-based, and I found out about it through, of all things, Craigslist. No matter what one says about Craigslist, if one is careful and does their research, they can find viable work there. That’s how I started in background in the first place!

So when I went to this gig, I couldn’t find the meet-up pot at first. After realizing I was across the street, I quickly sprinted over and we got to work. It wasn’t until last minute I knew what I was going to do: deliver a line to the main character while he was in deep thought. I won’t say what the line is, but I learned on the way home I could have improvised more, instead of repeating the same line over and over again. Wouldn’t surprise me if I ended up on the cutting room floor, but no hurt feelings. You live, you learn.

Didn’t stop me from doing more after that, but I haven’t done extra work since moving. There’s not much to do here in Fayetteville, and I don’t have a car, sadly. Yeah, no excuse, but I did enjoy the work when I had it, and I wouldn’t change any of it. And yes, if given the opportunity, I’d do it again. Nowadays, after much thought, I’d take a chance and do auditions. Take a chance on myself, like I do with writing.


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