Simply The Best | Daily Prompt

When and where do you do your best thinking? In the bathroom? While running? Just before bed, or first thing in the morning? On the bus? Why do you think that is?

My best thinking comes through four different mediums:

  • reading

Whether I’m reading a fictional story, article, biography, or blog post, that influences me to put on my thinking cap, my thoughts create an argument should said read topic arise in conversation with friends, family, or complete strangers.

  • writing

While writing, my thoughts are clear and fluid. I learn things when I write, such as the fact one does not owe the world anything other than living one’s life in one’s own way, and anyone who tells one otherwise is not worth one’s time.

  • television

The magic of television — including Netflix and Hulu and all that jazz — is there’s so much prime-time programming filled with stories that make us think, help us to understand the ways of the world outside of ¬†our comfort zones. Television can also be a way of pointing out what’s wrong with the world, what could use more of our attention. And to be honest, there are better, more important topics to discuss around the watercooler than what happened on Keeping Up With The Kardashians (sorry but not sorry!).

  • while I’m alone and in my head

I like being alone with my thoughts, for it allows me to focus on what is going on in my heart. I see things on Tumblr and Twitter that can get me riled up inside or make me feel like an idiot for not noticing, but with alone time and some good music, I can slowly piece together and comprehend things I didn’t understand when I saw said posts/tweets and think out what I would say in the events I ended up in discussion over said topics.


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