And then I realized that I was somebody

Street of Dreams

I wondered why somebody didn’t do something. Then I realized, I am somebody.

Source Unknown

I was recently watching “Horton hears a Who” with a friend (in case you forgot the book/movie plot it can be summed up in the simple phrase, “a person’s a person no matter how small,”) when I lamented to a friend, “why is it that in adulthood, we forget all the important lessons of childhood.” She responded sadly, “because adulthood makes us forget.”

I remember being a child, thinking I was going to end world hunger and create world peace on my hippie artist farm (my goal as a 13 year old.) By the time I was 20, I was so jaded with life, I swore I would only ever think of myself. That of course lasted a year maybe two at most, and I am dilligently working my way back to the 13…

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