The Happy Mind Wanderer

I’m a happy wanderer in that I spend a lot of time in my head.

My imagination takes me places I’m either too scared to take the chance of going to, or I’ll never go there at all. And yes, I think about writing this stuff down, yet, like I’ve mentioned before, I get lazy.

As a mind wanderer, I’ve been to Paris, London, Seoul, New York City, Tokyo, and many other places. Mainly because I’ve seen them in movies or on television. I’ve experienced as much of NYC as I’ve had the many opportunities to, whether it was for auditions/gigs, meet-ups with friends, or special events. All thanks to close proximity and transportation between Westchester County and NYC.

When I read stories and books, my mind wanders to the locations described in the pages. If there’s a film adaptation, I’m either satisfied with what I see because it’s what I’ve seen in my mind while reading, or I’m not, because I had a different idea of how the location looked in my mind.

[Based on March 19th’s Daily Prompt.]


3 thoughts on “The Happy Mind Wanderer

  1. Have you ever noticed how many movies and shows set in NYC mess with the geography? Like a character exits Grand Central Station and emerges in the financial district or runs out of the Empire State building and into Central Park. I wonder what they’re doing with cities we haven’t been to.


    1. I don’t even know with screenwriters when they do that. I do notice and it’s a bit confusing, specifically when they use major landmarks. And by the time someone who knows the area calls them out on it, it’s too late. All I can say is screenwriters should know their cities before they describe them in their screenplays, ESPECIALLY MAJOR CITIES such as NYC.


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