21 Tips for Millennial Survival

Black Millennials

To my fellow Millennials,

I know it’s difficult entering into adulthood amidst constant political bickering, fluctuating demographics, economic uncertainty, and increased globalization. Here’s some quick tips for surviving it all.

1. Lose your ego. You don’t deserve to have one…yet.

We all read that GYPSY article that obliterated our perceived sense of self worth. Well it’s true…unless you’re a 20 year old super genius, you are not that special. To employers and admissions counselors, you are just another 20something with an overpriced degree. You might’ve studied in France for a semester, was a model UN delegate, or did a government internship… but so did a million other people.

As a 20something in 2014, you deserve NOTHING. You must work for EVERYTHING. At least at this stage of the game. Eventually, you’ll earn your boss status. But that takes more time and recognition than being student body president.

2. It’s never…

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