The Daily Musing: 6.30.14.

The Supreme Court decision especially pissed me off and continues to do so…

Black Millennials

The Daily Musing: Today’s top stories in Black media

1. SCOTUS Regulates Vaginas Everywhere

Photo Cred: Photo Cred:

The Black: In yet another repudiation of President Obama and his message of inclusiveness, the Supreme Court ruled that for-profit employers can deny birth control coverage based on personal religious beliefs. The ruling strikes a blow to Obamacare and women’s rights, and sets a resounding precedent that, not only are companies people, but they’re allowed to marginalize vulnerable populations based on ambiguous religious tenets.

The Musing: It’s clear that SCOTUS has turned into a partisan entity, with conservative justices further crippling precarious rights and privileges. The fates of vaginas are being decided by these hunks.

2. Beyonce is the Most Powerful Celebrity in 2014

Photo Cred: Forbes Photo Cred: Forbes

The Black: Forbes named Beyonce the most powerful celebrity of 2014, beating out Oprah, who dropped from 1 to 4. Beyonce’s feats are hard to forget:…

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