Cop Kills Unarmed, College Bound Black Teenager

I just…. I can’t even with the media, at this point. I just… no words.

Black Millennials

Did you read this headline? Did you get the gist of the situation from those 7 words? Are you now realizing the power of language when it comes reporting the news?

Well, mega news outlets dropped the ball tremendously when reporting about Michael Brown.

On Saturday, Mike Brown was shot 8 to 10 times by St. Louis area police. The details surrounding this tragedy have yet to come to light, but outlets like Associated Press, AOL, and ABC misreported the murder and contributed to the journalistic arm of Black shaming.

It started with AP, who said nonviolent protestors shouted “Kill the police” In fact, they were chanting the well known slogan “No Justice, No Peace.” Without bothering to check the facts, ABC and AOL took the bait.

AP Misreporting

Twitter was quick to highlight the misreporting.


Frustrations then turned to mega outlets attention to a nonviolent crowd of protestors, and not…

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