White Fear is Deadly

Black Millennials

Rest In Paradise Rest In Paradise

I don’t blame you if you haven’t heard of Michael Brown. The media is ignoring his fate. On Saturday, the Black teenager who was headed to college today, was shot 8-10 times by St. Louis-area police. What little was “reported” was egregiously misconstrued. Instead of focusing on the excessive police brutality that resulted in Brown’s gruesome death, media outlets turned their attention to nonviolent protestors who were exercising their First Amendment rights.

But as an independent blogger and Black women, it’s my inherent duty to shed light on the pervasive racism that is killing so many Black bodies.

Racism, at times, is manifested through white fear. White fear is a skewed emotional response to Blackness due to centuries of propaganda aimed at discrediting and mongrelizing people of African descent. Black people, and people from other racial/ethnic/cultural groups can be inflicted with white fear as well, due, in part, to the omnipresence of white…

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