Photo Friday – August 29, 2014


Second Photo Friday involving food, but I’m just coming out from Golden Corral. We had to go to another location across town because the one we frequent is closed for renovation, yet this one has more variety. May be frequenting this location from this point on…

Now that I look at this photo, my phone has a REALLY good camera LOL

And since I’m in a pretty good mood tonight, I’m gonna add a couple more photos to the mix:

I went thrift shopping with mom and my bro’s GF at the local Salvation Army, and… let’s just say we got a bit nostalgia happy once we perused the movies section. Not to mention they were 99 cents/piece!

Out of all the movies you see here, I’ve NOT watched three: Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back, and The Great Mouse Detective.

Yes, we do have VCRs, but the one designated for the living room needs a head cleaner, and I’m sure it’ll be difficult to find it. I shall do my best to find one.

Aside from finding these treasures, we snagged a weed whacker and vacuum cleaner for $15 each.


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