Don’t Expect to See Me Working in A Funeral Home

Today is Labor Day, and many people, depending on their career/job, are not laboring, so to speak.

The Daily Post has a new prompt based on the holiday, asking the question: What’s the one job you could never imagine yourself doing?

For me, that job would be anything involving the deceased. And it doesn’t stop with morticians. Police detectives, physicians, scientists, archaeologists, and other occupations find themselves in situations dealing with dead bodies. Murder scenes, excavations, emergency and operation rooms, caves and tombs, mortuaries, even homes, schools, and businesses have the unfortunate cases of hosting the deceased.

I’m not one for funerals, and I don’t want to be anywhere near dead people. Especially ones I knew, was close to, or children. My heart hurts seeing someone who was once full of life lifeless. I certainly don’t want to make a career around it or have a job where I see it almost everyday.


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