(Another Late) Photo Friday – September 5, 2014

Happy September!!!!!!

Per usual, I’m late ONCE AGAIN with Photo Friday, but this one’s gonna be fun.

Yesterday, I attended a local Greek festival, and took photos (mostly of the food) and video of the event.

The food was delicious, the music was great, and there were even dancers!

A Yummy gyro (with a side of french fries) that got the sister-in-law green with envy!

This is a Greek spinach pie, also known as Spanakopita, that was oh so delicious!

This was dessert: Baklava ice cream sundae and Loukoumades, Greek donuts. TIP: if you dip Loukoumades into Baklava ice cream, it is… heavenly.

Also the youth dancers did a fine job on stage!

I’ve also got video via my Vine and Instagram:

I had a wonderful time, and chances are I’m going again this evening, once the sister-in-law gets home from work… so I may try the Greek lasagna and eat more Loukoumades with a Baklava sundae!



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