Foreseeing the Future is Not What I Want

So I’ve been given the power of foreseeing the future, yet there’s a catch (per usual with things like this).

But instead of giving up a day of my lifeline every time I use said power, I’d much rather live life ignorantly and learn along the way.

Kids get to an point in their childhood where they become curious about the world around them, so they ask questions to the people they assume know the answers. Growing up, I got most of my “answers” from magazines and peers who had little life experience or didn’t know what the fuck they were talking about; those days, I was either too shy to ask adults or got shut down with the typical “you’ll find out later in life”.

Lazy adults….

I spent — or wasted — more time reading numerology and astronomy books or whatever I could fond involving fortune telling. I’ve have tarot card and palm readings done by friends. I’ve even been inspired by the cult classic, The Craft, and aspired to be a witch.

None of which worked out, simply because, I now realize, I didn’t have the patience to learn or maintain any of it.

At this point, I’d much rather take chances here and there, and let things happen. I have a vivid, overactive imagination, so when I’m planning or thinking about taking a chance on something, my mind goes wild. That’s my fortune telling, though I’m aware that’s what I’m imagining or dreaming of may or may not happen, depending on what I do.

So I’m not gonna utilize the power of foreseeing the future. Maybe I should mind my business and the business of others, because there are things about their and my own futures I’m better off not knowing about.

Though there’s one event I would like to know about, but I’d rather not talk about that here…

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