Keeping Secrets

Can I keep secrets? Sure. Anybody can keep secrets…

Yet there are those who long to tell stories that have nothing to do with them personally, so they resort to telling someone else’s or making up one to anyone that’ll listen. Explains why gossip is so gratifying…

There are, however, secrets kept that rip and tear at your sanity’s fabric. Secrets so deep, possibly taboo, that you haven’t heard of/experienced, that haunt you during your daily routine, because you’re so affected by it. I’ve heard such secrets. I continue to keep them.

Why? Because if they’re told to me in confidence, it’s not my place or business to disclose it to anyone else. I’ve learned during my 28 years that anyone taking someone’s secret and disclosing it to another without the source’s consent cannot be trusted with my secrets. Not sure how notable people do it, to be honest; they’re surrounded by leeches who look for every opportunity to cash in on such an acquaintance…

It also seems private thoughts/experiences can’t be kept on the digital world, either, for they’ll be hacked, stolen, and revealed to embarrass and belittle. I won’t shame anyone who uses social media to relieve themselves of their burdens — for that’s a brave thing to do — yet I condemn those who use such burdens against them in malicious ways.

I’ll be forever graceful for diaries, notebooks, pads, pencils, & pens being in continued existence. They hold secrets best…


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