I’ll Just Be the Spare, Thanks…

Recent news has revealed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Wills and Kate, are expecting their second child. Let the Royal baby bump watch commence!

However, The Daily Post asks of us whether we’d prefer to be either the heir to the throne or the spare.

I’ll just be the Spare, thanks…

In a life where royalty is everything and your every move is observed, being an heir to the throne of a monarchy seemingly comes with a LOT of pressure. And while I can do somewhat well under pressure, that’s too much pressure for my well-being. I’d much rather be in Prince Harry’s position, or the Spare. There’s still the chance of inheriting the throne in the event something happens to the actual heirs (Wills, baby George, and the yet-unborn child); chances are he won’t need to take on such responsibility. His choices have been scrutinized — he has made some questionable ones — yet he’s proven himself to be a well-rounded man.

Will Harry ever get married? Will he have children? There’s no telling, and there’s no rushing him. If he does either, he can do it on his own terms, compared to his older brother, who, along with his wife, Kate, have been under IMMENSE pressure to produce an heir of their own between the time they married and the announcement of Kate being preggers. Let’s not forget the baby bump and style watch Kate was and continues to be under, with observers watching her every fashion move.

That has to be annoying. It’s enough that celebrities & notable people in the public eye have to deal with “being perfect” (because appearances are everything in the business), but the regality of royalty, the exclusivity of a monarchy minus the power it once held, is appealing to many.

But even then, those who don’t shoulder the biggest burden to prove themselves worthy of the throne (the Spare, anyone who isn’t an heir apparent) have less stress to deal with, a bit more breathing room, I suppose. I could be wrong, for I myself am NOT in line for any throne, but I can only imagine how much fun Spares usually have!


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