My Fave Hand-Me-Down Involves Wheels

There’s nothing wrong with receiving secondhand things, depending on what they are. I was always and am still a constant receiver of hand-me-downs. Clothing that someone outgrew or no longer fit passed down to me. It’s rather cost-efficient, considering brand-new clothing in sizes larger than the standard Ladies cost more.

In my younger years, while my grandparents were still alive, their neighbor in their apartment building was a woman with three daughters, one of whom I was close friends with. When they grew out of their clothes, they would drop them off with my grandmother, and she and my mom would look through them as I put on a fashion show while trying the clothes on.

One time, my mother found a pair of roller skates in one of the bags, and it was Christmas at that moment! I tried them on. They fit. I rolled around the house with them. They were a part of me for a while before I graduated to roller blades.

I miss those brown, leather roller skates. I felt so awesome, so powerful with them on. Just thinking about them brings me pleasant memories. I haven’t been quite as lucky since then, but I’ve gotten some pretty snazzy hand-me-downs over the years…


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