My MacBook Pro is Possessed

The most “human” machine I own?

My MacBook Pro, one I’ve owned since 2010. We’ve had emotional ups and downs — screen going out and taking forever to come back up, slowing down, etc. — during that time.

However, on Thursday, September 11, 2014, its “heart”, or hard drive, was no longer read by the system. Had I not known I could replace the hard drive, I would think it was the end of the MBP.

Thankfully, the diagnosis may be a dead hard drive, and the cure a replacement, which means minor surgery on my part. I want to bring him (my MBP is the man in my life right now). For now, my phone is my primary source of surfing Tumblr, tweeting, checking email, and drafting/publishing posts here on WordPress. But it’s just… not the same.

I miss my bae, and I hope to have him back in commission within the next week or so, sometime soon. We have many memories in our four-year relationship, most of which are backed up on an external drive, another party in the relationship. Not sure to call it polyamorous, but they’ve done their job.

Someday soon, my fingers will trace his keys, typing in harmony once again…


2 thoughts on “My MacBook Pro is Possessed

  1. I’ve found that the most life I can expect from my Macs is 3 years. I replaced the keyboard of my Mac Book Pro and the airport card went out. Replaced it and the top row of the keyboard stopped working. Took it back twice and once it worked, the Mother board died. I finally gave it a decent burial and bought a MacBook Air. After one year, the black paint that creates the letters on the keys is starting to rub or chip off…Let’s blame it on the fact that I’m on my computer most of the day. Long story short, think twice about investing a lot of money in an old computer. Might be money better spent on a new one. I’m an expert. I’ve had 10 Macs in the past 30 years. Only computer I’ve ever owned. I am faithful to my flawed darlings up to a point, and then move on. Judy


    1. I hear ya. This being my first Mac (I grew up on Windows) I’ve grown attached to my MacBook. However, I feel it’s worth giving it a second chance and investing in a replacement hard drive, since it won’t coat me very much. As much as I would LOVE to put money towards buying another Mac, I just do NOT have the funds to do so. Sucks that these products that are expected to last a while are cheaply made to the point of having to buy another one. I thought that only happened with Windows computers, given my track record with them (desktops would only last me and mom three years, a bit more if we’re lucky). Thank you for your comment!


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