Will My To-Do List Ever Be Complete?

My To-Do List:

* finishing college
* writing, revising, and publishing an novel
* winning the lottery (or getting a decent job)
* moving into a place of my own (preferably in NYC)

It’s a rather gloomy day; it’s been raining since last night. Glad I don’t have to walk a college campus in this weather anymore, but I did have to travel to work this morning. Most of my travel time, however, is spent underground, so where inclement weather is concerned, it’s not too bad.

On my way back from lunch, I bought a lottery ticket at the corner bodega. Can’t tell you how much I’ve spent on lottery tickets since moving back to NYC, but a couple of times, I’ve won enough money to help with rent and bills. It’d be great it that worked out more, but I’ve been lucky enough to gain back my investment. No complaints about that.

I could take some of my lunch to work on another novel; this gig I have won’t last very long, and soon I’ll need to go on as many auditions as possible. Thanks to college and experience, monologues are now one of my strengths,mostly because I write many of them. Come to think of it, it’d be ideal to compile all those monologues into a book…

Speaking of books, my first novel, The Golden Age, sold well, but never became a bestseller. Things could change in the future of course, though I fear I won’t live to see that change. Could be for the best, for all I know.

There was a fifth thing on my to-do list, but I left it blank. At the time of its inception I didn’t know what I wanted to fill it with. While this is a big city, I realize I’d love to have someone to share the experience with intimately. Yes, I have friends, and I talk to them about things. But I wonder, from time to time, what having a partner to wake up with in the morning, to smell, to cuddle, to make love, to spend much of my life with, would be like.

Wait… Spending much of my life with someone? Not too sure about that; I rather appreciate my solitude.

And, in a city such as this, is there really such a thing as being alone? There’s loneliness, of course, which sucks. Yet too many people migrate to this city, occupy the local coffee shops, restaurants, and dive bars for one to be alone. Though there’s nothing wrong with being alone… and I shouldn’t make a big deal about it or make excuses.

Okay, I’ve gone on a tangent, and it’s almost time for dress rehearsal…

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