As I wrote this out, I went on a tangent about my own unintentional detox from my laptop. To make a long story short, with as much information that we get throughout the day, we may consume it. In terms of losing common sense, however, I would assume it depends on the person, or consumer.

Along with information comes varied opinion from many angles of the Interwebs and other media. It’s up to the individual whether they want to take what they consume at face value, or with a grain of salt.

Many people take the information/opinion combo, apply their own knowledge and/or experience on the topic(s) at hand, and bring their own informed opinions to the table. Those who take it with a grain of salt tend to apply their own logic to the information, determining in that moment whether said information is worthy of consumption. Hence, common sense.

For some, the heavy weight of information today can cause an overload, and some even take measures to center themselves by stepping away from technology for a certain amount of time.

So I agree with Gertrude Stein to an extent. Based on my experience with being codependent on technology to bring me information before I’m the last person on earth to get it, my laptop must’ve had its own overload, so to speak. It needed a break, and that’s what it’s getting until I can acquire a replacement hard drive and get it back in order.

As for common sense, I’m one of those occasional skeptics, applying my own logic and doing a bit of research (a quick Google search usually helps) before I determine the worthiness of such information, as well as add a spot of humour to it when appropriate. Makes the day a bit brighter…



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