Revelations Via Daily Prompts

I’m just now realizing I’ve got quite a bit of life experience, considering the amount of Daily Prompts I’ve participated it since joining WordPress. The prompts are bringing them out of me: memories I thought were either repressed or forgotten come back to me after reading a fun description of a prompt with potential.

These exercises are bringingy true writer out, though I’ve still got a lot of work to do, at least if I want to improve.  Yet the fact that I’m writing at all is a step up from doing absolutely nothing aside from surfing Twitter and Tumblr.

I have my laptop’s hard drive to partly thank, however, or I’d never get down to writing out ideas at all. I’ve also been thinking of utilizing Wattpad for original fiction, considering they have an app where I can read AND write original fiction. Ideal for writers like me…

Though I miss the clickety-clack of tapping keys on my laptop to create small, one-sentence Tumblr posts, I love writing longhand with pen to paper. I love the smell of ink as I write. And I know that, no matter how bad or how TABOO my thoughts may be, I know incan always edit them later on my phone (or laptop).

Feels good…

Now I must get to typing up and publishing yesterday’s fulfilled prompt, for I got lazy and never did it.


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