When Memory Throws Curve Balls During A Monologue

There was a situation where I was in an off-off-Broadway production named “Something Outrageous” in/near Times Square. I was assigned a monologue where my character griped on about the difficulties of dating.

My group (one of two) did two performances, and on the first night, I managed to start the monologue.

Then I froze. My mind went blank, and I internally began to panic. I resorted to recited the last line of the monologue, and the spotlight went out.

To my surprise, the audience laughed, and while I kicked myself after that, I made sure to prepare some more and relax the next and final night.

I successfully got through the monologue the second night, mainly because of not only being more prepared but something the director of the production said: when the audience comes in having fun, enjoying themselves, everyone, including you, will have fun.

That surely made things easier, and lighter, for the folks coming in were ready for a good time on a Saturday night. I even met up with them at a nearby bar, and we all, cast, crew, and audience, has a blast.


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