My Happiness Radar Is In Disrepair, But On The Path to Getting Better

Not sure I or anybody qualifies to answer this question, me specifically because I tend to attract emotionally and mentally devastated people. I must be that way… emotionally, mentally devastated, I mean.

Yet it’s funny how many of us, including myself, judge those who may genuinely be having a good day or any happy moments. Maybe because we’re jealous, maybe we think we know what’s best for them aside from grinning ear to ear, maybe we want whatever they’re having/smoking, maybe we just wanna punch them in the face to bring them back down. Maybe, just maybe, we subconsciously “detect” happiness through these methods.

I doubt I’m a good judge of anyone’s happiness. However, I do think my “fun radar” is fairly strong. Maybe that counts as a happy radar, I don’t know. Maybe people enjoying life in the moment is happiness is disguise, where they become vulnerable, even for a few seconds or so. Those moments are where the true beauty lies, and as a result, happiness spreads.

Or not…

As I grow and learn from relationships throughout my life, I evaluate what I do and don’t want in relationships of the future.

At this point, I wouldn’t mind having a relationship with someone who is not so much happy, but content, because is there such a thing as long term, pure happiness?

This learning may help in further repairing my radar, and content people who want the most out of life will come into mine.


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