Revelation: Scathed Writing

I just typed up something involving today’s daily prompt, but have decided to make it a draft instead of publishing it for public consption.

“But why?” you ask as you read this on your device while sipping on or eating something delicious.

I have my reasons…

To be honest, the post involves immediate family, immediate family that I currently live with. Also, I live in the same city as relatives of that immediate family, and there’s no telling if they follow my blog and keep tabs on me  through social media.

So it won’t be published, because I don’t want vitriolic venom spit in my face as a result. Yes, I want to speak my mind, because I have my frustrations. But there are times where it’s best to keep certain things to oneself, and that draft will be one of them.

It is in my trusty notebook, where I write things I’d rather not blog/tweet about. So many things that would be deemed taboo and bring up questions on my sanity/mental state. But I’m just… quirky like that.

So I shall be deleting the draft, but there will be future prompts to fulfill, and other things to talk about aside from… family and possibly creating a hostile environment unnecessarily.


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