I Can Take It; I’m Not A Child

How am I at receiving criticism?

“Depends on what kind of criticism I’m getting” is what I would’ve written some time ago, and what first came to mind upon reading the prompt.

If I had to choose, I’d much rather be crucified by brutal, cutting honesty than lied to. I’m sure more of us would love it if honesty were delivered while handled with kid gloves, but life doesn’t work that way.

And delivering lies with good intentions is possibly the worst thing one can do to another. Why lie (and let someone or something go on through life’s process without any kind of positive modification) when honesty, no matter how bad, can actually help?

When we deny someone an honest opinion, we’re catering to and coddling them for a world they won’t be ready for. They’ll rely too much on false assumptions they’ve gotten from others, because those ‘others’ were too scared of hurting feelings or getting themselves in trouble.

Honestly, I don’t know how many notable people do it, when many of them are surrounded by “YES” people. I’m sure they have someone to go to that keeps them grounded, but being famous and/or rich much be tough. Especially when you’re VERY popular, and people are telling you what to do to stay relevant.

If there’s something I do or say that affects someone, I’d rather hear it from the source, and I’ll take that criticism into consideration. Not many people can take that, because they may have been passed through without much criticism, so criticism may be offensive to them.

I’m sure, however, I’m criticized the moment I step out of the house, walk down the street, walk around a store, etc., because of how I look or what I wear (which is usually a graphic tee based on my favorite fandom(s) and yoga pants or leggings on a big, black woman). And it’s all good, because I’ve dealt with harsh criticisms growing up, and I’ve developed a thick skin as a result.


5 thoughts on “I Can Take It; I’m Not A Child

  1. Very well said, it’s not always easy to take criticism into consideration, with much experience, we develop thick skin to it,which is great, but while going through the tough part of handling criticism, not an easy task, wish I’m thick skinned like you, wonderful writing dear 🙂


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