White Media is Consciously Trolling Black Women

After that Angry Black Woman/Shonda Rhimes article, I can’t take the NY Times seriously, or any other publication that makes it a thing to throw Black women under the bus.

Black Millennials

I feel like white journalists are trolling at this point.

On the heels of that atrocious New York Times article, in which Alessandra Stanley dismissed Shonda Rhimes as a valid mastermind of thrill, and instead praised her for perpetuating the angry Black woman trope, I’d think that white journalists would tread thoughtfully and carefully when writing about her or her creations.

As the “urban” saying goes … The streets is watching. Insightful responses from across the social media specter ranged from critical analysis to tongue-and-cheek humor. In delivery and content, Black bloggers and journalists dispatched compelling accounts of racism and prejudice in media, all while uplifting this era of Black female leads in primetime.

The backlash prompted an apology from the paper of record.

The fuckery coincided with the lead up to How To Get Away With Murder, ABC’s latest show produced by Shonda Rhimes and starring the talented…

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