20 Awesome Tweets About The Great White Riot

Black Millennials

I was going to write a lengthly blog post about the upheaval and criminality surrounding this weekend’s Pumpkin Fest in Keene, N.H. But naw.

Long story short, a large bunch of shitfaced white college kids destroyed an entire town for the hell of it.

A Rush

On the heels of Ferguson, St. Louis when mega media was under intense scrutiny after deliberate misreporting, Twitter was (once again) the go-to place to highlight jarring racial disparities. With the hashtag #pumpkinfest, Black Twitterati shared discourse about how media portrays white rioters as “out-of-control” and “rowdy” while Black protestors in Ferguson were demonized as “looters” and “thugs.”

Thugs vs. Rowdy

In Keene, police dressed in riot gear sprayed pepper spray and tear gas, but that was only after hours of criminal behavior. White rioters threw bottles, rocks, and other weapons at police. They also set fires, and caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in…

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