The Year That Shall Not Be Named Is Swiftly Coming To A Close

It’s officially December 31, 2014. New Year’s Eve.

Other than I’m growing impatient with time, I want this year to end. Like, 5 months ago.

So much has happened this year, more cons than pros, and I’m well aware the new year won’t magically mean things get better.

I definitely can’t say that to folks who’ve lost loved ones to violent deaths. Or suicides. I don’t think anyone who’s in that predicament is the same after, and there’s no way things will “get better”. We could probably make things slightly more comfortable for them, give them love and a helping hand in their time of need. Words can only do so much…

I do, however, look forward to (some) things changing in the New Year. I just hope it’s not as filled with tragedy and sorrow as The Year That Shall Not Be Named.

As for me, there are things to look forward to: being in a local production of A Streetcar Named Desire, going to 221B Con in April, and turning 29. Let’s hope I live to see that and other things in the distant future.

Sending all of my love to those who didn’t have the best of years, and for whom 2015 may start out rocky. I do hope things look up for you, for you deserve so much better.

And shoutout to those who’ve taught valuable life lessons via social media and real life (folks I’ve met over the past year). You’be made a major impact on my life, helping me understand critical thinking and analysis goes a long way.

As a result, I’ve thought a lot about things, along with learning a lot about myself and my limits. This year was also prime time for really considering others, listening more and understanding their life experiences.

If there’s anything more I wan a add, I’ll do so in either this post or a new one. If you hear nothing else from me for the remainder of 2014, well…

HAPPY NEW YEAR and GOOD RIDDANCE to 2014!!!!!!!!


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