She Is Ice, I Am Water, She Is Steam

I am water. Regular, cool, clear water flowing down streams. Look at me being all poetic.

While I am water, my two alter egos, Cassandra and Madison, are Ice and Steam. Two parallel universes no one but myself gets to see and experience.

Cassandra is dry ice, in that she’s cold, calculated, manipulative, and charming. As long as you’re on your good side, your life is somewhat guaranteed to go on. She’s quite petty, brash, vengeful when she’s wronged. However, regardless of who she surrounds herself with to fulfill wishes, she prefers to get her own hands dirty.

As for Madison, she takes the form of Steam, in that she’s sensual, affectionate, creative. Though also brash, she’s more considerate than Cassandra with her words. Other traits she shares with Cassie are her charm, wit, sense of humor; yet in Madison’s case, all of her traits are elevated with a level of steamy sexuality that seeps from her pores. She can instantly light up a room upon walking into it, and the sexual tension is thick enough to cut with a freshly sharpened knife.

Both are also very stylish; while Madison goes for form-hugging dresses, gowns, and fitted clothing in general, Cassandra’s fashion sense is inspired by the genius of Alexander McQueen.

At times I straddle in between both personalities internally; while my anger provides urgent warning in one instance, I could be horny, wanton in affection. Not instantly, like the flick of a switch, but it happens from time to time. I’ve recorded many of these musings into my notebook, though subtle hints are hidden away on my NSFW Tumblr page and another Twitter account (locked for REASONS).

For the most part, me, myself, and I? Cassandra represents my ice cold anger, and Madison my warm love, as I’m the calm, fluid waters before either storm, both producing strong currents and threatening riptides. Depending on my mood, I represent urgent warning or gentle comfort.


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