All White Everything

Black Millennials

By Adia Victoria

I am writing this essay from the back of a van that’s hurdling my band and I up the east coast for our next show tonight. We are in the midst of our first national tour, and as is customary with any new artist, I am asked to give interviews to introduce myself to the public.

Typically, I am asked the same handful of questions such as ‘Who are you?’ ‘What inspires you?’ ‘Who are your influences?’ ‘What is your “message”?’ I enjoy giving interviews, I’ve never shied away from the chance to speak my mind. However, after dropping my first single and essentially offering no other clues as to what my “persona” was, I watched as the press began to construct a narrative around my music and I.

The music industry is a White industry. For the most part I am performing for a White audience, my…

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