There Are Things I Could Talk About Right Now

I could talk about being in a local production of A Streetcar Named Desire, how much fun I’m having, how much I’m gonna miss the routine as well as the cast once it’s all over this Sunday.

I could talk about my feeling about Benedict Cumberbatch, his new marriage/impending fatherhood, how the skeptic blogs following him and his every move are operating and sounding similar to TMZ and the National Enquirer.

I could talk about how I’m stressing myself out about what I plan to do once the play is over, how I’m going to earn money in a way that doesn’t involve sitting at a desk or standing in/near a hot kitchen, how unsure I am about my future.

I could also talk about how I’ve not written much of anything with exception to whining about said skeptic blogs, stressing out over finances, my thoughts about a celebrity who doesn’t even know I exist (not like I haven’t done it before), etc.

Aside from all that, there’s been a break from the stress, thanks to two llamas/alpacas/whatever you wanna call them. They’ve escaped captivity and managed to roam the streets of a town/city in Arizona, only to be tracked via news cycles and treated like a high-speed chase. A police officer would chase them until a wrangler came in, lasso in hand, to capture the llamas.

But don’t think for one moment the whole ordeal wasn’t run through Twitter’s humor machine. It made for some wonderful jokes/memes, many of which I’ve RT’d, making my day. Hashtags like #LlamaFlicks and #ShakespeareLlama made the rounds, improving the mood of Twitter even after a hefty conversation surrounding Oscar-winning actress Patricia Arquette’s comments on gender wage gaps this past Sunday.

I got scared about hitting Twitter jail, I’d RT’d and tweeted so much about #LlamasOnTheLoose. That’s how much fun I was having…

Anyway, hopefully things take a turn for the better outside of the llama debacle. I don’t want to give myself an aneurism due to such stress.

Oh, what a day today was…


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