Tweets Expose the Allegedly Violent Nature of Hollaback!

Black Millennials

In October 2014, Hollaback! released a controversial video showing a racially ambiguous woman sexually harassed by Black and Latino men while walking the streets of NYC for 10 hours. The campaign was quickly denounced after reports surfaced that Rob Bliss Creative, the marketing firm hired for the project, deliberately edited out white men. The firm has a track record of racial insensitivity, which raised questions about why the anti-street harassment nonprofit used their services.

But Hollaback! finds itself in the middle of yet another controversy — one that exposes an alleged organizational structure built on and reinforced through abuse, violence, cultural appropriation, and racial erasure. So says Britni, a former affiliate and founder of the Boston Hollaback! chapter. In a Storify compilation, the brave whistleblower seeks to raise awareness about an institutional culture that uses tools of white supremacy to achieve its aims.

First, Britni shares the internal organizational structure.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 11.11.33 PM


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