An Open Letter to Kim Lute, A Light Skin Black Women with a Personal Problem

Black Millennials

Hi Sister,

I write this letter in unapologetic Black Love. Like many, I read your article published on both For Harriet and Huffington Post. Given that you chose to publish on these notable outlets, it’s clear you had an ambitious desire to publicly promote your truth.

As a fellow writer, I completely understand that desire. As a Black woman in the blogosphere, I, too, feel that yearning to stand out and appear strong in an extremely saturated digital niche. We have to ensure that our work is engaging, emotional, and polarizing. Within these tight confines of expressing our voice in ways that attract an audience while holding true to our racial and social identity, mistakes are made.

The pro-Black worldview is already controversial because it’s an uncompromising refutation of the white supremacist status quo. We must be responsible in our written labor; paying sensitive attention to detail, performing thorough scholarship of racial nuances, and ultimately…

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