Slightly Buzzed Post

I’ve managed to consume 3/4 of a bottle of Arbor Mist, which may/may not have brought along this post.

But only because it’s courage juice, in some way.

But things have happened, and I’m not sure if many of you know about them, so I figured I’d bring them to you via this Arbor Mist haze…

1st, an investigative report on the shooting death of Tamir Rice was released, and it’s rather disheartening.

2nd, a Black man, apparently from Sudan according to witnesses, was shot dead by police in Louisville.

I suggest checking out @FierceFemtivist‘s TL for more info/developments.

I’m not even gonna get into the Rachel Dolezal ordeal, because though I made a short post on it yesterday, there are many others who’ve articulated a more in-depth conversation of the complexities & nuances better than I ever could.

It all just feels like psychological warfare, really.

  • Non-black people wanna be black without having to deal with the day-to-day implications of living as a Black person while taking opportunities Black people FIGHT TOOTH & NAIL for and don’t get much of the time
  • Black people being shot down by police and said police not taking accountability (but that’s a given cause the System is working like it was built to but I digress)
  • trollverse doing everything in its power to shut marginalized folks all the way the fuck up in order to control not only our voices but social media to continue to work in their favor (and I may be wrong, but let’s think about why they harass and threaten people on here, especially Black women, in the first place)
  • and other things I can’t really think about right now

I’ve been STRAINING to write something. Not because this blog has been collecting digital dust. 

But because I’ve got a lot to say (much I don’t remember) and haven’t taken the time to say it. Or didn’t want to say it for fear of the implications.

But it’s time I quit worrying about that, time to quit stifling myself to appease others, to quit putting others’ feelings before mine. And yes, there’s a difference between that and consideration. I would think…

I’m still somewhat under the haze, and ready to shower and get ready for bed… though it’s the weekend and I’ve nowhere to go tomorrow, no point in calling it a night just yet…


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