There’s a way I feel when I’m immersed in writing.

I’m in a zone, I’m transported to the world I created in my head when away from pen and paper or a keyboard. It’s paradise, liberatingbto think certain thoughts and take my mind off of real world tribulations.

I need to go back to that place, and I’ve been working on that, managing to make it halfway there while still conscious of my RW surroundings. Music usually helps, but recently it’s proven distracting.

I’m a quarter into my Camp NaNoWriMo goal, which makes me feel good, even with only 11 days remaining. With a certain word count goal in mind, I’m confident that, with much determination and a decent plot, I’ll hit my overall goal and then some.

I just hope this rush I’m on sticks around until the goal is met. I don’t want to push myself, but I’ve needed a push for a long while now and it’s time I finished a goal I aspired to.

I can do this. I am capable. I will pull through.


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