Adam Sandler is a Fake Geek Guy

Megan Condis


I went with my father (the star of many of my #TBT posts) to go watch Adam Sandler’s new movie Pixels in which aliens misread a video of an arcade video game championship from the 1980s as a declaration of war.  Sandler as Sam Brenner and his friends (and a former rival) must use their expert gaming knowledge to defeat the invaders and save the Earth.

Of course, I have plenty of thoughts about the movie.  I’ll start with the positives.

Don’t worry it wont’ take long.

  • We went to the 3D show and the special effects were really quite beautiful
  • I adore chiptunes music and retro video game soundtracks and both were spot on
  • Speaking of music, the classic rock soundtrack was excellent
  • I did laugh out loud at the use of 80s pop culture icons like Madonna and Hall and Oates (and the guys from Fantasy Island

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