I’ve Got To Stop This

I’ve really got to stop letting people walk all over me…

Since this morning, my brother and his GF have been using my phone to search the internet for a car, sold locally, for a decent price. The only time I’ve had my phone, after giving it to them, was for a phone call from Office Depot about an online order I made.

I planned on going out and picking up my order from Office Depot and coming back, but I hadn’t gotten my phone back yet. It’s now almost 2:30am, and I’ve yet to get my phone back.

I would’ve thought the battery had died, but the charger they use on their flip phones can be used on my smartphone, so they’ve probably had a chance to charge it before continuing to use it.

Other than using it for Uber when I leave the house and/or make phone calls to either my brother or his GF, I really don’t use my phone much, save for Twitter or Instagram or GroupMe, etc. And yes, this is my fault, cause I could easily go into the living room and ask for my phone back.

Which I plan to do in the morning before I leave to run one simple errand.

But this is ridiculous. And now I worry my brother or his GF have snooped through my phone, checking out what’s in different apps other than the Internet app they’re using to “look for cars”. It can’t be that serious, considering they won’t be able to afford it until Sept. 1st, when my brother get paid.

But I’m sleep though…

UPDATE: Finally got my phone back, mainly because I’d lik to have an alarm to wake up in the morning to run the above errands.


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