(Accidentally) Avant Garde

Many times, I’ve managed to stumble upon and eventually love music through Spotify or online music videos that would eventually become popular.

However, after listening to it fifty-eleven times, eventually plays itself out until I find something else audibly appealing. I would really have to take time and appreciate the artist and/or their discography to passively listen any further.

The great thing about finding and loving something is it opens you up to new things. It’s like that for me and music, and I’ve managed to discover and fall in love with music and the artists behind it that eventually became successful.

Another thing about avant-garde: I’m glad I haven’t gone the music snob route. If you like something, you like it. If not, oh well. To each their own. I don’t see the point in making someone feel guilty for liking or not liking certain genres of music, much less the artists within said genre, considering everyone has their own individual taste.

Nor am I any better than anyone because I happen to have been listening to, let’s say, WOODKID before my friend, who’s just discovered him by listening to an online playlist she came across while browsing her Tumblr dashboard. In fact, I WANT someone to share the awesomeness with, so it wouldn’t hurt to list other WOODKID tracks she may like.

All in all, avant-garde shouldn’t be left to an exclusive, elusive few; rather, why not spread the word, extend the reach of an artist whose work you enjoy. And even if your reach only goes as far as those within your small circle of family and/or friends, you’re helping to support your favorite artist/creative create more.


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