When Childhood Ends At 24

For 24 years, I was still living like a teenager, under my mother’s roof, jobless, and having dropped out of college.

Then, during Thanksgiving 2009, my mom suffered a stroke.
On the way to the hospital — in a taxi, nonetheless — I cried, facing the window because I couldn’t face my mother with tears. Mainly from guilt of not getting to the hospital sooner…

At the hospital, questions were asked, and she was in the ER for HOURS. I wanted to stay until she got a room, but she insisted I go home and get some room. That night away from her was agony, because while she was in good hands, I still worried about the inevitable happening.

Thankfully, she recovered, though she’s not the same as before the stroke. But I sure did grow up in that I ended up making sure forms were filled out, bills were paid, appointments were made, etc. Learned so much during mom’s time in the hospital and in rehab, though I’m sure there’d be more to learn once I manage to finally leave the nest.


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