“Never Say Never”, Am I Right?

The description for this prompt: “Tell us about a thing you’ll never write about.”

Now, what would be the point in posting something on here I would NEVER want to write about anywhere else?

While there’s something that fits not what I would NEVER write about, I’m definitely not putting it out there in the universe, and for REASONS. Mainly because 1) I don’t wanna jinx things/make things awkward and 2) I don’t wanna put myself through the bullshit I’ve gone through in past similar situations.

So no, I won’t talk about it here. As a matter of fact, I won’t talk about it outside of my own head, keeping it between me, myself, and I. It’s best that way.

But you all go on and discuss amounts yourselves. Or, one better:

If there’s something you would NEVER write about, are you willing to at least tell your readers the reasons behind such a decision? Or would you rather not talk about it at all for reasons you’d rather not explain?


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